Metal Crafts & Pottery Village Tour

  • Destination: Dhamrai, Savar

  • Duration: Full day

In this daylong tour, You will go with us a remote village in Dhamrai, a residence of artisans who continue the age old traditions of metal craft passed through generations. While modern technology and mass-produced products have resulted in some crafts dying out, here in the predominantly Hindu community of Dhamrai, clings the Lost-wax casting method to craft metal.

You will see life and work at pottery village where people making potteries from many of their generations. In addition, you will enjoy a boat riding on river Bongshi to reach Pottery Village.

In this trip, on the way back to Dhaka you will visit the National Martyrs Monument in Savar, the symbol in the memory of sacrifice of all those who gave their lives in the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971.

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