Ancient Capital Tour (Sonargaon)

  • Destination: Panam City, Sonargaon

  • Duration: Full day

Discover the ancient Capital of Bengal, Sonargaon known as ‘City of Panam’ as well as a central Commercial Port until the 13th Century. You will see the Folk Arts & Crafts Museum, abandoned Panam city, Hindu Temple, Goaldi Mosque (a wonderful example of an ancient Sonargaon building), relics of ancient buildings that date back to the era of historic city.

Folklore Museum houses a variety of artifacts, representing the many cultural groups that exist in this country. The place is very calm and quiet surrounded by gardens and pools. Moreover, visiting at Chars (small island) on river Meghna will give you tranquil pleasure and observe a simple farmers’ life of Bangladesh from this daylong tour.

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